This is part list for FPV indoor drone. For indoor best suited are sub 130mm drones, both brushed and brushless motors. Small sized drones like Inductrix (aka. TinyWhoop) and Eachine E010. And larger custom builds with 2inch and 3inch props.

  • Brushed
  • Small sized
    • Inductrix – To enjoy better flight experience stock motors need to be upgraded to much faster ones. For FPV flights Combo vtx+camera can be attached.
    • Eachine E010 – good starting point, stock motors and batteries need to be upgraded. For FPV flights Combo vtx+camera can be attached.
  • 80mm+
    • F1,F3,F4 micro brushed flight controller
    • 8.5x20mm motors
    • 300mah+ battery
    • For FPV flights Combo vtx+camera.
  • Brushless
  • Motors:
    • 1104 8000kv
    • 1306 4000kv
    • 1407 3800kv
  • Frame:
    • 80-130mm


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