RaGG-e DoGG Melns/Balts


This frame is designed for 4″ props and up to 22 size motors. RaGG-e 200H FPV Quadcopter Frame Specifications: Materials: 12.7 HDPE Fasteners: Stainless Steel Size: 200mm diagonally, 155mm wide Maximum Propeller: 4″ Motor Mount: M3 6mm Flight Controller Mount: Most standard fitting FC’s

Weight 105g

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This frame has been designed with speed in mind an improvement from the original 200h cut. We have removed the partitions in the arms to improve air flow with the intention of reducing draw and improving on exhaust from the props. We have also removed material from the inside compartment and top plate this has led to a reduction of weight to around 105g this is a frame for the more advance pilot who has found that weight is more of a factor in the builds. With this reduction in weight there have been reductions in the overall strength and durability there is always a trade off. Not designed for the pilot that is still learning to fly, but with the ease of component transfer in a race enviroment, by only undoing the motor and fc mounting screws this is eaasily transfered into a new frame which could make it a viable race frame for pitstop replacement and keep you in the competition for the next race.


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