GPX Extreme: Battery tester with buzz alert for LiPo 1-8S


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Product description
A programmable battery tester with buzz alert for LiPo battery packs 1-8S (3.7V – 29.6V) is a small and extremely useful device for every modellers, who powers his model with LiPo batteries, in which the regulator doesn't cut current off at a critically low voltage level, which may lead to damaging the battery.
The device is plugged in to the balancer socket. When voltage level drops below a predefined critical voltage (3.3V by default) on any of the cells, the user will be notified by the red diode and a loud buzzer.

Technical specification

Supported battery types: LiPo/LiIon/LiMn/LiFe
Precision: +- 0,01V
Voltage displayed for one cell: 0,5 – 4,5V
Voltage displayed for the whole battery: 0,5 – 36V
Low voltage alert: od 2 do 3S
Alert triggering voltage: 2,7 – 3,8V per cell
Way of giving a warning: sound and red LED diode


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