SkyRC Q200 AC/DC Quad Balance Charger


Included in the box: –

  • SkyRC Q200 4-Port Balance Charger
  • 4 x XH balance adaptor boards with connecting cable
  • 4 x XT60 charge leads
  • 2 x Charge fly leads for making your own charge leads
  • EU power cable

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The Q200 is the latest 4-port battery balance charger from SkyRC. This charger supports AC or DC input power and is also LiHV compatible. The charging ports are all independent, so you can charge packs with different chemistry at the same time. As we have come to expect from SkyRC, the Q200 is simple to use with a clear 480×320 colour screen. Power distribution is also supported between output channels A/C and B/D when using AC input power, so that you can make the most effective use of the available power.

The Q200 supports the new LiHV (lithium high-voltage) batteries, with a termination voltage of 4.35V, which is achieved with a separate chemistry option that can be selected before initiating the charge process. Please take care to only use this charging programme with compatible batteries. For standard lithium polymer batteries with a cut-off voltage of 4.2V, just use the regular “LiPo” charging programme.

1-6s lithium batteries are supported and the integrated balancing circuit can discharge at up to 0.2Ah for balancing. Ports A and B can charge at up to 10A, ports C and D can charge at up to 5A. Each port has 10W of power available for discharging.

Q200 can measure I.R and individual cell voltages and also allows voltage calibration, should you need to calibrate the device against existing equipment.

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